Vibration and Shock Testing

Eliminate early generation failures by ensuring performance before sale. Vibration & shock testing extends a product’s market shelf-life and increases your manufacturing bottom-line.

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Helping ensure product stability and performance in mechanically dynamic environments.

Manufacturers, OEMs, and suppliers must perform shock and vibration testing to protect equipment and users from potentially dangerous product or component failures by properly testing products before market entry. Not only does testing prove compliance, but it also helps eliminate early generation failures by ensuring performance before sale in markets, extending a product’s market shelf-life and increasing a manufacturer’s bottom-line.

We help you verify the hardiness of your products and equipment to regulatory, industry and military standards for faster market access. By combining multiple shock and vibration testing methodologies, EMTS gives you a complete picture of the structural design, including deficiencies and areas of non-compliance.

Global Vibration and Shock Standards Available for Testing

  • IEC/EN 60068‑2‑31: Rough Handling Shock
  • EIA‑364‑27C
  • EIA‑364‑28F
  • EN50436‑1
  • NHTSA–2013–0058
  • ISO 16750‑3
  • ASTM D3580
  • ASTM D5112
  • IEC/EN 60068‑2‑6
  • IEC/EN 60068‑2‑27
  • IEC/EN 60068‑2‑64
  • IEC/EN 60068‑2‑80

  • MIL‑STD‑1344 Sec2005
  • MIL‑STD‑202, M201
  • MIL‑STD‑202, M204
  • MIL‑STD‑202, M214
  • MIL‑STD‑810, M514
  • MIL‑STD‑810, M516
  • MIL‑STD‑810, M519
  • MIL‑STD‑883, M2002.5
  • MIL‑STD‑883, M2005.2
  • MIL‑STD‑883, M2007.3
  • MIL‑STD‑883, M2026
  • RTCA/DO‑160 D‑F Sec8.0

Our Accreditations

A2LA Accredited Environmental Testing Facility

EMTS Lab Inc. is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited engineering firm offering independent compliance services. We’re proud to be lab certified via A2LA, an independent, internationally-recognized accreditation body located in the USA.

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